How do we raise super confident children?

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In almost each and every article I have written so far on this topic, I mentioned that lack of self confidence is usually linked with early childhood. Children step into this world without any idea about themselves or their own value. That is the reason that the information they collect …

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Capable and Confident kids

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We all love and want children in our lives. But brining up a little one is easier said than done. As parents or guardians, we often overlook one simple strategy. If we are making the right choices for our kids – the right preschool, extracurricular activities, friends – these decisions …

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Ways to raise confident children

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Don’t do it all for your little ones. What doesd this mean? This simply means what the words tell. Just step back and allow your children the chances to get experience things in life by themselves. Or else how are they ever going to develop smart and confident thinking? Young …

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Bringing up confident children

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More than 90% of children develop self confidence not because parents keep telling them how good they are, but because of their own personal thinking. But the question is, how? Well folks, you gotta read on to understand. Motivation and praise are always good factors, but unless and until a …

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