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Why teachers should never leave out field trips

theatre field trips

Most teachers who have been teaching for years and decades have started to blend into the idea of bringing up students who pass with good grades. It has become more a pressure thing for many teachers now. The result? Well, very clear. Students have started to miss out on some …

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Theatre field trips for kids

field trips for students

Field trips are arguably the most exciting things of the year for students. For teachers, its quite ther opposite. For them, it is surely one of the toughest periods of the year. There’s logistics to take care of, bookings to to make. In most cases, a classroom full of rampant …

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Amazing field Trip ideas

arranging field trips for kids

Field trips are more amazing for your students than you probably think. At times it is just super nice to get out of your homes and schools and see the world outside. As the school season kicks off, we feel it is vital to arrange a handful of field trips. …

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