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English Writing

Word Search games for kids

UK government data proves show that more than 40% of kids aged 9-11 cannot read or write to an acceptable standard. Moreover one fifth of adults fail to reach the literacy levels expected of an […]

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English Writing

Writing Worksheets for kids

This is one of my finest pieces of English Writing Education for kids. Younger students may prefer or require worksheets that are easy to follow and understand. Really, there is no rocket science to it! […]

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English Writing

Best English Writing Methods

If you find the process of writing difficult, dont worry or get disheartened. You are surely not alone. Simple rule of the thumb is to remember that it usually helps to imagine who you’re writing […]

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English Writing

English Study guide for kids

There are so many different types of kids and so many different types of parents. Kids with parents who take regular interest in their child’s education will probably end up becoming succesful language learners. Really, […]