fun math exercises

Making Math fun for your child

Have you ever sat and thought, “What is the secret behind making math fun for my kid? As grown ups, many amongst us realize how important math is in our daily lives. Just about any […]

math skills 4

Children’s budding math skills

Most of us fail to admit our own underachievements in maths have resulted in a general lack of interest in the subject. That somehow also ends up effecting our childrens’ mathematical skills. But for the […]

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Leapster Games for Math skills

Many people are well aware that Leapster has the ability to transform boring math concepts into cool games. If you attempt to teach your children mathematical concepts using the old school ways, you would probably […]

mental math exercises

Mental Excerices for Kids and Memory

In very simple words, mental arithmetic is using the human mind to figure out and calculate math problems. It is the fastest humanly possible way to solve arithmetic problems. It is also a very important […]