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Developing Higher Order thinking skills in kids

thinking skills

What are thinking skills Higher order thinking skills for kids is far more important than most people realize. It is one of the most crucial things in any child’s development, regardless of the background. As both parent and educator, I have been witness to stunning results in children who have …

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Promoting Thinking Skills in Young Children

thinking skills in young children

There are countless words out there utilized by teachers to describe the concept(s) of thinking skills. Some of the most common ones include critical thinking, Socratic thinking, creative thinking, higher-order thinking, logical thinking, problem solving skills and so on. The thing is that no exact definition exists for this particular …

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Improving Thinking Skills

games that improve thinking skills

In this article I am going to go through different thinking styles that can strike us even without us knowing. I would refer to these silent menaces as mental short cunts. Now short cuts might be amazing and might feel amazing for certain situations and in certain circumstances. It is …

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Games that encourage Thinking Skills

thinking skills in kids

Most of the old school folks out there usually have an anti-computers mindset. I think that what we all will surely agree upon is that using computer games is an amazingly fun way to encourage children to expand their ammunition of thinking. Old school parents and their mindsets You may …

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Improving Spoken English Naturally

spoken english naturally

At first it may appear a little weird to you, but it is very true folks. If you go about learning English the traditional way, you are likely to have a hard time speaking it the way you initially wanted to. The infamous inferiority complex Millions of foreign speakers all …

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Why do students join Spoken English Classes?

spoken english classes

In order for them to be able to converse, it is essential to speak with clarity. However, there are countless cases when students and individuals are having tough times speaking particularly if they make use of secondary languages(e.g English in most cases). In countless countries across the globe, English is …

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