Improving Thinking Skills

In this article I am going to go through different thinking styles that can strike us even without us knowing. I would refer to these silent menaces as mental short cunts. Now short cuts might be amazing and might feel amazing for certain situations and in certain circumstances.

It is a short cut which ever-so-simply enables us to move swiftly from one location to another via a vehicle. It is a shortcut that makes us react with either joy or gloom at a salary hike, etc. But an unwitting reliance means we end up treating every problem as a nail to be solved using a hammer.

Now why is that an issue? Moreso, why is that a problem in so many people? Well, let me explain, since every human being is different from one another.

An undesirable dependence on shortcuts mists our discernment and debilitates our critical thinking limits. In this manner recognizing what these shortcuts are and how we use them will give us mindfulness when we use them.


Analysts allude to three alternate ways: Availability, Representative and Anchoring.

In ‘Accessibility’ we depend on our most clear recollections to settle on a choice or tackle an issue. After the huge Indian Ocean Tsunami, India and other influenced nations quickly put resources into early cautioning frameworks. While the expectation was a honorable one, to forestall comparative catastrophes, the inspiration was a result of the striking recollections of the frightfulness.


The ‘Accessibility’ trap persuades the chances of repeat of an ongoing occasion are high. This is a snare.

Another normal case of the ‘Accessibility’ easy route is the yearly execution survey. Occasions that happen near the season of execution audit far exceed progressively removed occasions regarding sway on the survey regardless of whether they are in reality less critical.

We utilize the ‘Delegate’ alternate way to characterize things. In the event that we see a couple of qualities of a specific element in another, we group both as comparative. On the off chance that we know a great deal of keen individuals that discussion energetically and, chance upon a man that discussions energetically we may pass judgment on this individual to be shrewd also.

I had an individual affair of this psychological shortcut as of late. On my day by day drive I experienced similar travelers, one of whom was a lady. I didn’t know anything about her other than that she was a kindred traveler. One day I saw her drinking from a mug that had the mark ‘I adore you Mom’. Quickly warm sentiments overflowed me as I envisioned her as a mother, a mother as wanting to her kids as mine is to me.

Watch out for this shortcut. Isn’t this the motivation behind why we have advertisements highlighting desolate mothers pining for the day their children call them or performing artists appearing as nattily dressed specialists moving you a medications.

The third mental shortcut is securing. A grapple is our inner indoor regulator of what is extraordinary, great, sensible and so on. I succumbed to this on one of my activity changes where I secured the whole occupation offer on compensation which happened to be vastly improved than my past one.

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