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Good science Projects for Kids

kids and science projects

When we talk about science projects for kids, there are literally a gazillion ideas out there. With all the countless branches and sub-branches of science, there are thousands of amazingly exciting projects the kids can choose from. Now I do agree that sometimes choosing which project to do is the …

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Amazing Science Kits for children

amazing science kits for kids

These amazing science kits of kids are meant to help them a great deal at both home and in school. All of these kits are generally safe. However, you never know with science. There is always that one tiny chance that things might not go as planned. Something can always …

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Making Math fun for your child

fun math exercises

Have you ever sat and thought, “What is the secret behind making math fun for my kid? As grown ups, many amongst us realize how important math is in our daily lives. Just about any job requires solving math problems of one type or another. Isnt that so? How to …

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Finding the Perfect Math teacher for your child

perfect math teacher for kids

In case you’re searching for a math class for kids, then you’ll want to go ahead and thoroughly read this article. We will particularly discuss the one thing your kid’s math course should have. In addition to that, we will also be going through the different sources where you can …

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Why repitition is important for math skills

math skills

Whether you like it or not, the human brain is not a good learner of things unrelated to survival. That is one of the biggest reasons kids show lack of interest in subjects like math and science. As human life has transformed from the effortlessness of cave dweller needs to …

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Children’s budding math skills

math skills 4

Most of us fail to admit our own underachievements in maths have resulted in a general lack of interest in the subject. That somehow also ends up effecting our childrens’ mathematical skills. But for the rest of us, we tend to stay away from modeling Math for our children, even …

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Math games for children to practice numbers

math skills 3

You wont believe how easy this is! Yes it is as easy as it sounds! By bringing in a few fun math games into the classroom or homework schedule, you will transform ‘I HATE math!’ into ‘I adore math!’. Above all, the kids will have no idea that they’re doing …

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