Promoting Thinking Skills in Young Children

There are countless words out there utilized by teachers to describe the concept(s) of thinking skills. Some of the most common ones include critical thinking, Socratic thinking, creative thinking, higher-order thinking, logical thinking, problem solving skills and so on.

The thing is that no exact definition exists for this particular topic. Yes, there isn’t any universally agreed upon definition for thinking skills. However, one thing is for sure. From my experience, all definitions feature or highlight certain important aspects of learning that we want our children to grow up with.

What most parents do wrong

The thing that most parents do wrong is that they dont allow their children to understand. They only make them or force them to learn or memorize. We should all want our little ones to be able to analyze information, execute decisions, and jump up with creative ideas.

Moreover, they should be able to solve problems in order to be able to think rationally and logically. Thinking skills are becoming more and more crucial for survival in our rapidly evolving global technological age.

Our kids need to be able to make sense of information at the earliest ages possible. They should be able to adapt and get skilled in identifying and solving problems. What that would do is that would lead to development of important thinking skills which is surely one of the most valuable gifts we can pass on to our children.

What propels thinking?

Thinking is propelled by inquiries. It is just by making inquiries that our reality as we probably am aware is has been found. The foundations of basic thinking return similarly as 2500 years back when Socrates set up the significance of making examining inquiries to elucidate thinking and rationale.
Socrates’ training was trailed by Plato, Aristotle, and other Greek doubters who accentuated preparing the psyche, to have the capacity to see further certainties and to address thoughts of the time.

Today, despite everything we need our children to keep up their characteristic feeling of interest, feel great making inquiries, analyze issues and obviously search for approaches to take care of issues without anyone else.

We need them to in the long run wind up free and have a problem solving attitude. Helping your tyke or understudy to create thinking skills early is fundamental to their scholarly achievement and long lasting capacity to tackle issues.

The easiest method to build up your youngster’s thinking skills is by making inquiries! Questions that invigorate your kid’s manner of thinking can make learning fun and energizing. Children love taking part in interesting discussions with their folks or educators.

Once again folks, we hope this article helped you in either developing a different mindset or in directly aiding you in your journey to bring up more intelligent kids. If you have any thoughts or opinions, please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from our amazing fans and followers.

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